Reviews E-Energy

  • Manfred
    Was very happy when I received the device in the mail. Brought home, plugged into the nearest power source, as requested in the instructions, and waited patiently. A month passed and, to my surprise, the difference was 30%! Device really saves electricity!
  • Barbara
    I had one of those outlet bought, certainly not for that price, offer a discount in the official store. Was just curious to see this miracle in action. The money is not great for my curiosity, but now you know what a great advantage!
  • Astrid
    Hello! As all our time trying to save on electricity, and the Internet all sorts of advertisements on account of the urgent topic, ordered and sent me a few of these outlets. The result from the first day! Now the problem with the energy in my house is finally solved!
  • Peter
    It took me a couple of rosettes and really liked the product e-energy... Both work fine and save the money for a little over six months. Definitely recommend!
  • Martin
    I use e-energy in his garage. In winter, run a small heater so the pipes don't freeze. With the task of saving cope u-RA!
Rating E-Energy