Why should we save electricity?

"The relative availability of social amenities, including electricity, creates many people have the misconception that these benefits appear by themselves and they never exhaust themselves."

Why to save electricity

"Why should they save if each of them is provided in sufficient quantity at an affordable price? But such a conception of power will quickly lead to negative consequences, because the main resources used for energy production are non-renewable. The lack of a reasonable approach to the use of energy will lead to the fact that it will become less available and more expensive.


To avoid this, many countries have long been developing and implementing strategies for improving the efficiency of energy use. In Russia, the unclaimed leakage of electricity occur in the fuel and energy complex (due to the low efficiency of the installations) and industry (mainly due to wear of equipment) and in the housing sector. A significant amount of energy losses in utilities is due to the neglect of saving heat and electricity from consumers, that is us.In order for the Federal program on energy conservation started to operate at the level of the nation, you must first start with educating ourselves.

What can each of us to help preserve the natural treasures? In fact, methods to increase the rational use of energy resources, there are many, but we can start with the easiest.

If each of us at least once a day think about what you need to turn off the lights in the room where it is burning for nothing, or pull the cord from the wall outlet that the electric device, which is a long time in standby mode, or in time to turn off the electric oven and prepare dinner in the residual heat, we will make a significant contribution to energy saving in the region. Often we follow the common visual called "before Leaving, extinguish the light!" or "take care of the light!" in public places and the lights are off in areas and completely forget about these Golden rules in your own home. Don't you find it strange?


Few people realize that one-hundred-and 75-watt bulbs, free running, per hour "eat" a few kilograms of coal or oil, simultaneously polluting the natural environment with harmful substances.

The next step is the steps of saving is easy to replace old light bulbs with new energy-saving, which will reduce the expenditure of energy, several times. With the aim of increasing energy efficiency since the beginning of 2011 in our country there is a ban on the sale of incandescent lamps of 100 watts from January 1, 2013 - from 75 watts. In addition, from 1 January 2014 will ban the sale of incandescent lamps of 25 watts.

Replace not only lamps but also energy-efficient equipment will significantly save electricity, and accordingly, the cost of it. Remember, however, to the effect of these measures was noticeable, you need to install energy-saving light bulbs not only in homes but also in the hallways, the basement, on the local area, t.. Zn. in the common areas.

By the WAY!

High quality light bulb energy saving type, can work up to 12,000 hours, which is approximately 2 - 3 years of operation intensively.

For rational electricity law provided for the widespread installation (and replacement of obsolete) whole house and inside the apartment metering of electricity. The right and legal power and energy consumption using electricity meters gives consumers significant savings and allows you to plan your expenses based on the testimony of these devices. Remember that electricity in the common areas will never be free, it is not necessary to postpone the solution of this problem indefinitely. Much better to take control of the system power consumption around the house: to prevent unnecessarily burning light in stairwells, basements and other public places, houses; to prohibit the use of electricity for purposes not associated with the maintenance of common areas in the house; if possible, set touch switches that react to human presence in a common room, etc.


November 11 - international day of energy saving, on this day events designed to inform people about how energy efficiency and existing renewable energy sources, to explain why it is important to save energy.