Why is it so important to save energy?

The issue of increasing public service tariffs is a concern for all citizens of cities and towns. Electricity is getting more expensive as the reserves of resources that are used to turn thermal energy into electricity are starting to run out on our planet. Prices increase every year and consumption grows continuously. So the next question arises, how and why do you need to save electricity in a house, apartment or summer cottage. In this article, we’ll try to answer those questions.

Why electricity becomes more expensive

the need to save energy

The first reason, as mentioned above, is that Earth's resources, such as coal, oil and natural gas, are running out. The second reason is the environmental problem. When burning the same coal, harmful elements are emitted into the atmosphere in large quantities. The issue of ecology has started to bother scientists a lot, so in many countries they have started to migrate to greener types of electricity production, such as nuclear, wind and water. However, this is expensive during construction and dangerous if all safety precautions are not followed.

It should also be noted that electricity consumption in cities is growing every day, since in our modern life, household equipment and other technical equipment require a large amount of electricity. And as rates are rising, the price is sometimes considerable. Of course, there are many ways to save money.

The state of the economy, inflation and tax increases also play an important role. Next, we'll consider options for why you need to save electricity.

Why saving electricity is important

As noted, most people have a very limited budget, so saving energy is often a priority, especially in winter. In addition, this economy will lead to a reduction in the consumption of natural resources and, consequently, will reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

ways to save energy

To imagine roughly how this manifests, let's take an example. The main resource used to generate electricity is coal. Generating 100 watts of power consumes approximately 50 kilograms of coal. Therefore, by saving hundreds of watts of electricity, you save resources and thus do not harm nature.

The same can be calculated for other types of resources. Thus, for example, when generating 100 W of electricity, an average of 30 liters of oil and the same amount of natural gas is consumed. That is, by saving electricity in your home, you are doing better not only for yourself, but for the whole country.

How to save money

Statistics show that most of the energy is spent on lighting the house, as no house at the moment can be without an electric lamp. Some rooms can have up to a dozen of them. It is easy to calculate consumption yourself. For example, in the living room there is a chandelier with four curtains. On average, 80-100 W lamps are used, that is, about 400 W of electricity are consumed per hour. As the light in the room is often not on all day, consumption, at first glance, is not so great. However, a good amount comes out in a month, and that is just for coverage. Therefore, as an option to save energy, housekeeping lamps (fluorescent and LED) are used. They reduce electricity consumption by three times or even more. They pay for themselves in full, as their useful life is measured in years, from about five to ten years.

Also, don't forget the general light savings, as sometimes people can forget to turn it off and it stays on all night or all day. Alternatively, it is advisable to take advantage of the natural sunlight during the day and switch on the lighting at night. Also, don't forget to wash your chandeliers, windows and use light-colored wallpaper on your walls. This creates the feeling of a brighter room and eliminates the need for additional lighting.

In addition, after lighting in terms of electricity consumption, heating follows, but you can switch to independent. One should not forget the isolation of your home, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or private home. This plays an important role, as the heat does not come out of your home and you do not turn on the heaters often. Install metal-plastic windows, as the wooden ones are hot, but over time they dry and start to let the wind off the street take the heat from the house. All of this requires considerable expense, but it is better to invest once and then not worry about unnecessary expenses than to spend a lot of money on heating and electricity every month.

useful tips for saving energy

The next wiring in the list. Most houses still have old wiring. It works, but during operation it wears out and the insulation can transmit electrical impulses to the outside. This leads to loss of electricity, as well as a lack of voltage on the grid. It is worth getting rid of unnecessary sockets, tees and extensions that are not used, as they increase the resistance of the circuit and there is a higher consumption. Surplus of this equipment may sooner or later cause a short circuit.

Devices connected to the mains, but not turned on, while in hibernation mode, still consume electricity. The costs are negligible, however, over a long period of time, the expense can bite. If you are not currently using the device or equipment, we recommend disconnecting the device from the network to save energy. It is especially important to pay attention to devices that consume a lot of energy. Among them are an electric stove, a boiler, a food processor and more. It is best not to use them at full capacity unnecessarily. And so it is with almost all electrical appliances. For example: the refrigerator cannot be placed near the heater, as it does not turn off and cools down constantly.

Wealthy people install systems and devices that regulate their own electricity consumption at home. Although they have no doubts about why to save energy. This is very expensive equipment and not everyone can afford it. So try to save electricity in all the ways listed above.


So, in summary, you can see that it is necessary and useful to save electricity at home. This gives you the chance to not only save your funds, but also to protect nature itself.

I hope this article has given you an idea of ​​why you need to save energy. Be careful and careful when choosing a way to save money.