Why you need to save energy

saving water at home

Let's start with the well-known fact that energy is the foundation of life on Earth. Energy has always played a crucial role in a person's life, because any one of his actions is associated with energy expenditure. Any person, any family, any community cannot do without energy consumption. For a long time, man has been looking for new ways to convert energy to his needs and the technical progress he has made over the past two centuries has transformed his life beyond recognition.

Having traveled this historic path and achieved such results,why do you need to save energy? It may not be entirely clear to an ordinary person. In our minds, there is an opinion - if there are funds and energy consumption is paid for, why save?

The energy crisis of the 70s of the last century in oil exporting countries reduced the volume of oil production. The realities of the energy crisis: cold rooms, paralysis of part of industry and transport, rising prices, cards for oil productsThe fuel crisis has stimulated the development and implementation of energy-saving technologies on a large scale. Energy-saving equipment and technologies, in turn, contributed to the successful solution of environmental problems.

Today, to overcome the economic crisis, more capital investments are needed to extract hydrocarbon fuels, which affects the constant rise in fuel and electricity prices. As difficult as the economic transformations are, the implementation of certain energy saving programs on a national scale will certainly affect individuals. And to be ready to protect ourselves and create comfortable conditions for living in our home, we must take care of energy savings.

Motivating factors that motivate us to move towards energy savings:

  • reducing the impact on the environment;
  • increasing home comfort;
  • saving money;
  • the amount of energy resources left for children;
  • search and development of alternative energy sources.

Environment pollution.

We save energy, reduce the impact on the environment.

The possibilities of transforming and using energy have transformed and improved the human condition beyond recognition. However, with new opportunities, we also have new problems. In the last 100 years, humanity has increased its energy consumption several thousand times, and a significant part of the fossil fuel accumulated on Earth over millions of years has been consumed.

Simultaneously with the increase in energy consumption, the environment becomes irreversibly polluted and the influence of the "greenhouse effect" increases, with irreversible consequences for the planet. This is evidenced by the increased frequency of floods, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and droughts. Compared to the 18th century, carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere have doubled.

If we recognize that global warming is a reality, we must change our attitude towards the problem of consumption of primary energy resources and, therefore, commit ourselves to real energy savings and maximum use of alternative energy sources, which means that it is requiredto save energy. . .

Global warming is directly related to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the fastest and cheapest way to reduce it is to improve energy efficiency in energy use. You don't have to be an expert to understand that most of the energy saving potential lies in our homes, residential buildings and structures.

Saving energy at home.

energy savings in home appliances

To create comfort and a healthy indoor microclimate, we replenish the appliance park. It is already estimated that up to 30% of energy per capita is spent at home. Almost all families have a fridge, TV, washing machine. More and more computers, dishwashers, food processors, electric kettles and other appliances appear in our apartments.

Therefore, affordable ways to save energy in everyday life have been developed. This, the use of new thermal insulation materials for the insulation of walls, windows, doors, allows to increase the room temperature by 2 - 3 degrees. C, no additional heat loss. Installing automation and control systems in heating and hot and cold water supply systems can reduce costs by up to 30%. Replacing incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps and installing class appliances (A, A +, A ++) reduces energy consumption by 20% - 25%. To increase the comfort of your home, you need to save energy.

We save energy, we save money.

Each family forms its own budget, income and expenses. Public service payments play an important role on the expenditure side of the household budget. The steady rise in energy tariffs and utility bills is causing alarm and concern in every household. A particular concern with this occurs in low-income families.

Depending on the family's income, today the payment for the energy consumed varies from 15% to 45%. Forecasts are not encouraging, gas and electricity prices will continue to rise. Heating and electricity costs in our homes can be cut in half. Typically, the effort and money spent on saving energy in a home not only improves comfort and healthier indoor conditions, it also pays off quickly and benefits the family budget.

Therefore, taking into account the prices of refrigerators and most other appliances on the market, it appears that the purchase of the most energy-efficient appliances does not require additional costs.

To save money you needto save energy. . .

We save energy, we leave more energy resources for children.

As you live your life, try to leave more to your descendants than you received. This statement can be fully attributed to hydrocarbons: oil, gas, coal. The consumption of these primary energy sources, whose reserves are not replenished, has grown very rapidly over the last two centuries and there is a risk that we leave less to our children than we receive. There is only one way to reduce hydrocarbon consumption - energy conservation and alternative energy.

Modern technologies, electronic systems for measuring and monitoring energy consumption, make it possible to optimize costs and advance towards the formation of a "smart home". The concept of "smart home" consists of integrated information systems that can be installed in the home and with its help to control home appliances. The control system itself chooses a suitable time for energy consumption. Just configure the control panel to get the machines and equipment running. Then, the control system will turn it on in the most favorable period, when the payment for electricity is lower (we are talking here about the difference in the price of electricity with double tariff).

Houses under construction can use renewable energy: from a wind power plant, solar panels, etc. The European Parliament approved a resolution according to which all new buildings, from 2019, must have a zero energy balance. This means that all buildings under construction will produce from renewable sources the same amount of energy they consume. The time is not far off when the same resolutions will be adopted across post-Soviet space.

Implementing energy-saving measures in practice, including in everyday life, we seek to conserve our resources, preserving them for our children.

We save energy, we use alternative energy sources.

alternative sources of electricity

Also, why you need to save energy - save time for the search and development of new energy sources - renewable, ecologically correct and safe (wind, sun, biogas, biomass, heat from the earth, etc. ). Alternative energy sources are inexhaustible. The purpose of the search for alternative energy sources is the need to obtain it from renewable or practically inexhaustible natural resources and phenomena. That is, if such a stage in humanity's development comes when all exhaustible sources - oil, gas, coal - disappear, then it can use those sources if it stocks up at least the necessary technologies.

Is this necessaryto save energy.Saving energy is not just about saving money and creating necessary comfort, but also taking care of our children and our planet. Each one of us is part of the planet and any action or omission can affect the development of events.