How to save electricity in an apartment

A modern apartment is crammed with all kinds of appliances, without which people can no longer imagine their lives. That's why residents of an ordinary two- or three-room apartment usually receive electricity bills of 200-300 kW. However, energy saving in an apartment is possible, and we will consider options on how to save electricity in a metered apartment.

General economics guidelines

First, residents must determine which devices consume the most power. A home wattmeter can help with this. With its help, you can find out how much electricity a particular device (fridge, TV, hair dryer, iron) consumes when it is on or in standby mode.

By performing this analysis of energy consumption, it is possible to develop savings measures.

When carrying out the next renovation of an apartment, you should:

  • Replace old electrical wiring that was installed decades ago and was not designed for so many electrical appliances. Using a larger cable, a rational arrangement and an increase in the number of secure outlets will prevent the connection of extension cords and tees. This is the path to economy and fire safety.
  • Wallpaper or paint the walls and ceilings in light colors that will prolong the use of sunlight in the room. Remove all bulky items from window sills and hang transparent light curtains.
  • Reflect on the zoning of the apartment and, accordingly, place lighting devices with the necessary power (general lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, sconces). If possible, replace the chandeliers and curtains with ones that are more transparent and absorb less light, after which it will be possible to use lower wattage bulbs.
  • Insulate walls, replace windows, close doors. All of this will make it possible to turn on additional heating systems less frequently.
  • Install a two-phase meter and use appliances with high energy consumption after 11 pm, when the tariff is much lower.
  • Replace old incandescent light bulbs with more modern energy saving or LED light bulbs. This will save 70-80% of home lighting costs.
candles and light bulbs to save energy

Correct use of electrical appliances

If possible, you need to say goodbye to old electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy. Modern devices are much more attractive, practical and economical. Energy efficiency class A, A+, A++ means this device is the most economical today. However, even using old appliances, you can save energy in the apartment.

  • Electric stove. Boil the food at partial power after boiling the water, closing the pan with a lid. Only use pans, clean from carbon deposits, with a flat bottom and the correct size (preferably stainless steel), use a pressure cooker where the cooking temperature is higher due to tightness. Change the burnt spirals on the burners in time. following all these tips will save you up to 60%.
  • Place the refrigerator in a cool, well-ventilated place. The door should be closed tightly and opened as rarely and for a short period of time as possible. The refrigerator must not be completely filled with dishes and food, as the air inside must circulate freely. Place the food jars in the refrigerator only after they have cooled to room temperature.
  • Audio and video equipment must be constantly cooled by a current of air. Do not leave it in standby mode. It is best to place the TV and computer monitor in a place with even lighting to reduce screen brightness and contrast.
  • Computer. When you stop working on it, after a while, the monitor goes into sleep mode and then the entire computer. User can adjust the time after which the monitor will "sleep".
  • The vacuum should be regularly cleaned of accumulated dust, this will increase its traction and reduce energy consumption.
  • The washing machine must be loaded in accordance with the standard specified in the passport. Undercharging is just as useless as overcharging.
  • The electric kettle must be regularly cleaned of encrustation, which impairs the thermal conductivity of the heating element.
  • Turn on the air conditioning only with the windows and doors closed.
  • Electronic device chargers that are not turned off consume electricity, which is used to heat them.

How to save electricity in an apartment with folk remedies

Most of the time, such a formulation hides not entirely legal methods of saving money, but simply stealing from an energy company. There are many advertisements on the Internet like "saving electricity in an apartment with a magnet".

  • Powerful neodymium magnets (NdFeB) are most often used to decelerate the counter. These magnets are capable of stopping or decelerating electromechanical (induction) meters, both single-phase and three-phase. Electronic meters do not react to magnets, except for devices where the measurement part is not electronic. However, it should be noted that from such an impact, up to 30-40% of the meters fail and, if replaced in the power supply, can perform a magnetization test and bring the cheater to justice by the courts.
  • Various economists are also actively offered. Manufacturers claim that with their help the electrician is used more rationally, the useful life of electrical appliances is extended. In this case, the device has no effect on the counter. Upon closer examination, these devices were found to have the simplest device: multiple LEDs and a 5 Microfarad film capacitor. This device may have the least effect on the reactive energy of a low-power device such as a fluorescent lamp. However, the apartment meter takes into account only active energy and does not react to reactive energy. So these economists are a pure farce.

It can be concluded that there are many ways to save electricity in an apartment, however, it is better to use legal methods than illegal and fraught with technical and legal problems.