How you can save electricity at home

turning off lights to save energy

Today, many homeowners are looking to reduce bill payments. In particular, the question is relevant: how to save electricity at home? For maximum savings, it is important to use multiple methods at the same time. By using them in combination, you can significantly reduce the cost of paying electricity bills.

The need to save electricity has been discussed more and more frequently recently - increasing consumption of energy resources is depleting natural mineral reserves, and harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from thermal power plants lead to global warming and pollution. environmental.

Therefore, saving electricity in everyday life at the level of an apartment, a private house or a country house has a double beneficial effect - on the cost of monthly electricity and heating bills and on the balance of the temperature of the entire planet.

Tips for using home appliances

To reduce the amount you pay monthly for electricity consumption, you need to start with the correct use of appliances. First of all, you need to find out which one consumes more energy. These include boilers and storage tanks with water heating function, electric floor heating systems, air conditioners, electric kettles.

In addition, a washing machine, equipped with heating elements and an electric motor, consumes a lot of energy. Many people use washing machines too often, only loading them halfway or even less. If you start the machine once a week, charging it to the maximum allowable weight, you can save a decent amount throughout the year.

Replace all light bulbs in the apartment with energy saving light bulbs that consume 5 times less energy than conventional incandescent light bulbs. Energy saving lamps are more expensive. But the cost is fully paid in the first few months after installing these lamps.

When turning on the air conditioning, close all windows and doors so that energy is not wasted. Otherwise, the split system will work much harder to cool neighboring rooms.

Instead of traditional systems, it is better to choose inverter-type air conditioners, as their energy consumption is 50% lower, and in terms of performance they are not inferior to traditional models.

An electric stove consumes a lot of electricity. Electricity is wasted if the size of the pot or pan is much smaller than the diameter of the burner. The bottom should be the same size or slightly larger than the burner. When preparing first courses or cooking something, cover the pan with a lid. With intensive water evaporation, the cooking time increases by 30%, respectively, much more energy is consumed.

As for TVs, it is recommended to give preference to modern plasma or LCD models, as they are the most economical in terms of energy consumption. Most TVs are equipped with a power saving function. Activate it if it is not set to active automatically. Do the same with the PC monitor.

When charging your phone or other gadget, be sure to unplug the charger from the wall outlet after reaching the desired battery level. Otherwise, if you leave it plugged in, 95% of the power will be wasted. To save money for charging gadgets, you can buy a portable solar battery that can turn into a charger. The device transfers the accumulated solar energy to the battery via a USB cable.

To ensure your vacuum uses as little energy as possible, empty the bag or bin and filter regularly.

High energy consumption may be due to improper installation and use of the refrigerator. It should not be placed near the stove or in a place that receives direct sunlight. Also, do not put hot or lukewarm food in the refrigerator. Defrost the freezer periodically. The thicker the layer of ice and frost on it, the harder the cooling system has to work, which increases energy costs.


You can reduce energy consumption with the help of special devices. A large number of these developments are available for sale. These include:

  • automatic switches;
  • retransmission;
  • transformers.
smart switch to save electricity

By installing these devices, you will pay 8 times less for electricity. There are different device schemes to reduce power consumption. Today, devices - protectors are becoming more and more popular. With a load of up to 19 kW, such devices are able to reduce meter consumption by 15%. All you need to do to reduce energy consumption is plug the device into the outlet, which is next to the meter. Otherwise, if you plug the device into a different outlet, it will simply become an additional load on the network. However, when deciding to buy such a device, be extremely careful. Counterfeits are often found on sale, and sellers of these devices simply profit from the buyer's trust. It is recommended to watch the video before choosing and installing.

To control power consumption, buy a special adapter. There are several types of adapters on sale that are designed to calculate the electricity consumed. They plug into an outlet. By inserting a plug from a TV or any other equipment into this adapter, you will see how much power it consumes and understand which devices should be used most economically.

Circuit breakers are a very profitable purchase for anyone who lives in a private house or apartment. Installing such devices will solve the problem of wasted light. This type of switches have built-in motion sensors that give the proper signal when they detect the approach of a person or the absence of movement for some time. The timer can be set to a specific time. On sale there are switches that react to the absence or presence of daylight.

In a private house, to save on utility bills, the best solution would be to install alternative sources of energy. Of course, this will require considerable financial costs. But later on they will pay you in full and allow you to significantly save on utility bills. If there is a fast-flowing river or stream near the house, a water generator is an excellent choice. You can also consider mounting a wind generator.

Please note that such facilities require regular maintenance and inspections. Use solar collectors to heat water in a private home. This will save you from having to use an electric kettle. And by installing a hot water floor, you can save on heating bills.