Energy conservation — a necessity or a tribute to modern trends?

Would an ordinary person reading the article about energy saving? No, of course. Unless the school child's essay will be asked on the topic, or for writing a diploma will be required.

Energy saving

In rare cases, the cause of such reading for managers could save the funds spent for energy consumed in buildings. In global terms for most of us, saving is something abstract and few people think about the connection between their actions and their consequences for the world.

But why these articles persist in writing. Here we are no exception. Maybe the topic is still important and someone is trying to reach us? Let's face it. And offer to begin with, what is energy and what problems it solves.

Energy saving is a complex of measures for effective and efficient use of fuel and energy resources.

G Zn. task is clear – to save the planet's resources.

Want to save money and save resources?

A large number of generated electricity, we connected with non-renewable natural resources. That is, in fact, every lit bulb is minus a number of minerals. But in vain every lit bulb is an unforgivable waste.

Coal, oil, gas will ever end on planet Earth.

Of course there is the energy of the sun, sea, wind and earth, but remember, do you know many industries that are stable, for example, solar batteries? While they are negligible (consider that they are not) and let's be realistic – it is unlikely in the near future, new technologies will replace old, and production of oil and gas will be reduced to a minimum. And the process of consumption does not stop and on the contrary, increases.

With increasing industrial development and power generation in a variety of ways, and emits large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and forests which absorb CO2 is inevitably reduced. This is the main cause of global warming.

And here again we turn to some abstract concepts. It would seem that where we are and where global warming? And how we do business?

We are not concerned. All

Conservation of natural resources

Global warming will lead to irreversible changes in the climate of the planet. Experts studying climate change in their reports categorically state that humanity's time stop extract minerals. This is especially true of China, USA, EU countries and India. These countries give the maximum amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Russia has not yet hit the "black" list but only because of the decline in industrial production in the 90s. nevertheless, the problem concerns everyone, since air pollution affects the climate of the entire Earth as a whole. And each country contributes. And in fact each of us. To assess the effects of this "contribution".

The consequences of climate change for the planet

Glaciers are melting, sea levels rising, the ecosystem goes out of balance and increases the overall temperature of the planet. What are the consequences it entails?

Floods and heavy rains

If the water level will rise at least another meter, many Islands will become history. The coastline will move inland continents. This disaster will inevitably cause the death of people and animals.

Hurricanes, droughts, forest fires

Hardest hit Africa, in which already there is a shortage of drinking water. But on many continents will disappear in small rivers and lakes. One chain to start another – disappearing habitat for various living organisms. Accordingly, they also disappear or migrate.

The spread of disease

With the increase of temperature occurs, the migration of animals and insects that are looking for a more comfortable environment. With them will spread the disease, including those on which there is not yet found a cure. This will entail the spread of epidemics.

More severe winters

Oddly enough, but the violation of ecological balance in the most amazing impact on climate change. In some countries, winter, on the contrary, become more severe, and this is an additional burden on energy.

Could increase volcanic activity and other disasters

Natural hazards will become not the exception but the rule. And the presence of the air pollutants already leads to respiratory diseases, asthma, bronchitis, allergies. Whether still will be!

Energy conservation

What can we do?

Can not see a direct connection between the die from the floods or who are suffering from the drought and inefficient energy consumption? So, the connection is not obvious. But now you know exactly what it is. Just as there is a connection between someone who throws a cigarette butt on the street bins and piles of garbage on the roadsides.

If everyone would look at others and assume that from his personal involvement does not depend on, then the next generation will receive from us an unenviable legacy.

Let us not be like the Marquise de Pompadour and her famous "After us the deluge!" We will be smarter. Let's behave like civilized people, and not only called them. And we start with the effective use of the resources that we have.

In this blog we will tell how to increase energy efficiency at production facilities, warehouses, Parking lots, offices, schools or in private homes. Practical tips, advice and master classes on the design of energy efficiency projects – here is our contribution to the common cause. Will be responsible for those lightbulbs light up and the system that design.