Energy saving. What do we mean by energy efficiency?

Energy saving is the rational use of energy. Of course the technical reconstruction of industrial installations and heating systems, introduction of new technologies, recycling thermal energy, use of renewable sources of energy require huge expenses. But long-term practice of European countries shows that revising in our daily life, your habits and behaviors, you can greatly reduce the energy demand. And it does not mean impairment of quality of life or denial of hell comfort.

energy saving

Of the total consumption in the home energy the lion's share — 79% goes to space heating, 15% of the energy is used for thermal processes (heating water, cooking, etc.), 5% energy consumption electrical appliances and 1% of the energy is used for lighting, radio and television equipment.

What is 1 kWh of energy?

You will need 1 kWh of energy to:

  • 50 hours of radio
  • 110 hours to shave with an electric razor
  • 17 hours left to burn the lamp power 60W
  • 12 hours to watch a color TV
  • 2 hours vacuuming
  • take a 5 minute shower
  • to heat by 6 degrees full bath of water (150L)

Energy accounting

In the laws of the Republic of Belarus "On energy saving" provides for mandatory accounting obtain physical and legal persons energy. Work in this direction is constantly growing. So in all new houses the metering devices are installed in the construction, as in the old housing stock will have to do it ourselves.

This will allow you to:

  • to pay only the amount of energy that You received
  • to refuse to pay for energy low quality
  • effectively to save on energy

The installation of metering devices of energy resources costly, but the payback in some cases is good enough.

Home heating

The cost of heating is the largest item in the utilities. In this situation, the implementation of metering systems allows you to monitor and control the production and use of thermal energy. And, importantly, such systems provide economic leverage in the relationship with the supplier. To learn to use primarily thermal energy in our country is most important.

Saving electricity

To save on electricity on the one hand, the easiest way, in most cases there is metering, and ongoing events provide immediate Nov effect. On the other hand, the most difficult, because there are events that allow you to get great savings. Therefore, the saving of the delicate, painstaking and constant work. Electricity in the home accounts for 9-10% of the required energy. And although the use of household electrical appliances energy-saving features (compared to heating and hot water) are limited, but are paid accounts, You can see that this kind of energy is relatively expensive. When purchasing household electrical appliances, pay attention to power consumption, compare different models and manufacturers. In a family of 4 persons 1/5 of the energy comes to caring for things, clothes. Using modern technology and changing our habits will allow you to save Yes 40% of the electricity.

Did you know?

That a tap from which water drips (10 drops per minute) flows and 2,000 liters of water per year. And if each of the four members of Your family leaves open the water tap only 5 minutes a day, you lose 7 kWh of energy, throwing out the window a huge amount? Take a shower — much cheaper than to take a bath. Taking a bath (140-180 litres) consumes three times more energy than taking a 5 min shower. The nozzles on the taps allow more efficient use of water.

saving energy


Any equipment should be selected based on the needs. Perhaps, many will agree that to acquire a professional office cleaner for a small apartment it is impractical as a powerful washing machine in 7 kg of linen for a small family. And even, household appliances are now more in google + energy saving. There is a perception that it is more expensive. Actually it is not, or at least not much, and the savings in operation will be affected dramatically.

Energy savings when using lighting

Light in the house must be a lot, it is beneficial to health, and generally feel warm and comfortable. However, very bright light is irritating, so make the most effective use of local, spot lighting. Now in sales efficiency there are a variety of chandeliers, floor lamps, wall sconces and lamps. You are able to choose to taste, enter ARP and wallet. Use the appropriate type of lighting: In the workplace (whether at a Desk or kitchen Desk) is good to use fluorescent lamps LD with soft light. If it is a Desk that You and especially your child, spend a lot of time, it is desirable that the lamp was equipped with high frequency electronic ballasts. In the hallway and in the kitchen, where the light burns day and night hours, it is advisable to use compact fluorescent lamps. They are more expensive than regular bulbs, but if you are not used to turn the lights off, will pay off quickly. The more that the light flux from them big so they successfully replace too powerful incandescent lamp.

Using advanced lighting technology (energy saving lamp, lighting system) allows you to save up to 60% of electricity. The economical condition of use of lighting — planning of compliance requirements installed lighting and lighting equipment Mnogoplanovo chandelier on the ceiling provides illumination of the entire room, but leads Yes undesirable formation of shadows when working at a Desk, sewing machine in the corner with toys. Focused lighting, despite lower power lamps will provide better illumination without unwanted shadows.

The more often You switch off incandescent bulbs, the faster they burn out. It is economical to turn off incandescent bulbs only if You don't need the light for 10 minutes. For the manufacture of a new lamp requires more energy than you will save, often turn it off for a short time. It is important to understand the energy savings not as a rejection of comfort, and Vice versa, energy conservation (including the state) is to ensure the necessary conditions of life for all partisans.

Energy saving in the home

Practical ways to save energy in the home does not require large investments and obtained empirically!

Due to the constant growth in electricity tariffs is becoming increasingly important to be able to restrict the cost of your energy bill. This can be done in many ways. The most fashionable ways of energy saving at home those associated with new technologies, written about them quite a lot. There are, however, opportunities do not require large expenditures and expertise, they will help you, if you follow the basic rules of culture of power consumption.

Consider these opportunities more:

Energy saving in the lighting of common areas

Typically when considering this issue offer the installation of motion sensors and energy saving lamps in stairwells and basements. In this case, the issue price together with the cost of installation can reach enormous heights.

Simple app is that you put a semiconductor diode (300V, 3A) in a break in the wire, including lighting in the stairwell or the basement. The whole job takes 5 minutes. The size of the diode is (e.g. 1N5404), it is placed in the housing of the switch. Diode allows only one half wave of mains voltage. By reducing the voltage on the bulbs decreases power consumption and dramatically increases their lifespan. Himself, the master himself was a witness to the lamp filament after such correction, within 7 years.

energy saving at home

Saving electricity in the kitchen

If you use the kettle, it not necessarily before boiling to fill it to da brim. Pour as much as you need now. Households still put it to warm up again. And again you will get additional power consumption. The capacity of the kettle is usually 1.5-2 kW. This is a significant contribution to the monthly consumption.

If you use the stove, you should know that when choosing cookware that does not match the size of the plate, you lose 5-10 percent of the energy a pan with a curved bottom "steals" up to 40-60 percent. Thus, the bottom of the dish should be smooth and with a size corresponding to the diameter of the burner. Remember that rapid evaporation of water during boiling increases the hour of cooking by 30 percent. After boiling, the liquid should reduce power supplied to the burner.

The energy savings in the wash

Read the instruction for use of household appliances. Not all machines choose the optimal amount of water at partial load. The more water and the higher the temperature the more energy will use up the machine. At partial load the machine pererastaet to 15 percent of the energy at the wrong wash program to 30 percent.

Energy saving lighting in the apartment

Usually in apartments with long hallways and kitchens are constantly lit light. In such premises in the first place is to replace incandescent lamps for energy saving. These lamps have a warranty of at least one year. During this hour they will be repaid in full and even give savings to the budget. Lamp power 14 W corresponds to approximately 60 W incandescent lamp. Just choose the lamp well-known companies.

Yes, a significant reduction in energy consumption will result in the use of bright Wallpaper and ceiling, light transparent curtains, a moderate amount of furniture and colors in the room. You should never neglect natural light.

Saving electricity while using the refrigerator

If you are buying new appliances, choose them in category A. These devices are still in the design phase, develop as energy saving. If we talk about refrigerators, they should be installed in the shaded and cool place apartments. If you have one compressor the fridge and you are not using one of the cooling chambers, disable the compressor. Usually automatic of the fridge allows it.

Saving electricity while Ironing

Try not to dry linen, since it will need more Ironing hot iron and a large hour to obtain the desired result. Another "trick" to reduce costs is the use of aluminum foil which is placed under the fabric that covers the Ironing Board. Foil gives heat energy to dissipate and concentrates it in smoothes tissue.

Saving energy while cleaning the apartment

When you use a vacuum cleaner often throw away garbage from the container for its collection, clean or change the filters for incoming and outflowing air. Additional aerodynamic resistance results in the overheating of engine cleaner and a sharp increase in electricity consumption. For example, when filling the container for collecting passions by 30%, energy consumption is growing at 40-50%.

saving energy

Energy saving if you disable standby mode for consumer electronics

Small people think that standby appliances is a hole in my pocket, leaking Your money. For example, a TV with a diagonal of 54 cm "ate age" in standby mode 9 kW music center is 8 kW, a video player 4 kW, etc. Calculate your household appliances, why would they suspend mode? How hard is it to press the button on/off? There is another aspect, they are constantly connected and the mains and when its crash you can lose everything. There were such cases.

Energy saving when disconnecting charger cell phones

Of course, the loss of the hell that these devices are constantly plugged in, is not as great as hell other household appliances. However, the "chargers" phenomena are pulse power sources, such devices "don't like" working without load. If so it is not connected cell phone, player, laptop, etc. such devices are heated, fail, and can cause a fire!

Computer, Internet, etc.

When you are not using a computer, for example, went to work or school, it is prudent to turn off expensive equipment. Thus you will prolong the life of equipment and reduce the energy consumption of the apartment. In addition, nobody can steal your data and achievements in your absence, it will be de-energized.


Use these simple tips and you will save your money, effort and nerves. Surely you will be able to offer more ways to save energy in the home. Train your brain and share the results with others. The greatest happiness in life is the happiness of human companionship!