How to save electricity: 25 a simple but running tips

To reduce power consumption at least a quarter of the absolutely real. Turn off the light, wash the Windows, do not overload the washing machine replace incandescent bulbs... Calculations showed that it is truly beneficial.

Saving electricity

Don't waste light waste

  1. Turn off the light, going from room to room. Install thermal motion sensors that will turn off the light for you.
  2. Use local lighting: lighting, floor lamps, wall lamps. For example, each time not to turn on the main light source in the room is better to set the backlight of the led strip.
  3. Remember that cleanliness — the guarantee of savings. Dirty Windows and dusty diffusers reduce the light level in the room 35%.
  4. When repairing, consider that the bright walls and furniture will reflect up to 80 percent of the light and dark — only about 12%.
  5. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy saving led. Replacing just one bulb will save about 1 000 per year.

Properly use electrical appliances

  1. In the absence of a two-tariff electricity meter, turn off all non-essential electrical appliances at night and the charger after full recharge equipment.
  2. The fridge should be regularly defrosted, if there is no special system No Frost. Make sure that the device stood as far away from heating devices and to ensure natural ventilation of the rear wall. Put only cold dishes!
  3. Electric kettle
  4. Monitor performance of burners electric plate and put them on them just the right size cookware with a flat bottom.
  5. Cover pots and pans with lids: they reduce heat loss by almost three times.
  6. Try not to overload the washing machine (overloading increases the consumption of electricity up to 10%) and use the average temperature. To wash at 30 degrees spent 35% less energy than washing at 40 degrees.
  7. Use an electric kettle instead of electric stoves to heat water. It will be much more economical. Boil only the amount of fluid that is needed at the moment.
  8. Regularly clean the fans and air conditioner filters.
  9. Things that require low temperature, iron the garment after turning off the iron.
  10. Do not leave equipment, including microwave ovens, televisions, computers, scanners, printers, modems, in the standby mode. This will allow you to save more than 200 kWh per year.
  11. Use the electrical outlet with a timer.

Buy energy-efficient appliances

  1. All electrical appliances are labeled with Latin letters from A to G. Choose a technology with low energy class, labeled A and B.
  2. Buy devices that use the latest technology to save energy. For example, are becoming increasingly popular induction cooktops heat only the bottom of the dish and do not spend energy for nothing. The efficiency of such plates up to 95%!

Install two-tariff meter

Infrared heater

Two-tariff meter allows you to save at night. Such counters are beneficial to those who can use energy-intensive appliances: dishwasher and washing machine, breadmaker — from 23.00 to 7.00. On average, the meter pays for itself in a year.

Don't waste the heat in vain

  1. Instead of a traditional heater use the air conditioning set to heating mode. If it allows the manufacturer, of course. Many air conditioners can not be used at negative temperatures.
  2. Infrared heater is more economical than the other by 30-80%.
  3. If the house has electric batteries, try to keep them clean so that dust does not absorb the heat, and you don't have to increase the temperature.
  4. Using a water heater, reduce hot water temperature.
  5. Replace water heater to tankless. So you won't waste electricity on a constant temperature of water.
  6. Heat water only when needed. Disconnect the boiler from the mains when you leave the house and at night.
  7. Every three months clean the water heater from scale, which increases the energy consumption by 15-20%.
    • Unplug the unit from the mains and shut off the water supply.
    • Completely drain the water.
    • Remove the cover of boiler, gently disconnect the wires and remove the thermostat.
    • Loosen the nuts holding the flange. Push the flange up, turn and pull out.
    • You can now clean the heating element with a wire brush. To get rid of plaque and will help the acetic acid and hot water (1 : 5). Just put the heater on for 30 minutes and ensure that the sealing rubber is not in contact with the acid.